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Bootcamp: Term 1, 2018


Outdoor fitness training at its best.

Fitness Focus Bootcamp brings high intensity functional fitness to an outdoor outside environment. Bootcamp utilises a wide variety of exercise types to develop both muscular and cardiovascular fitness, and promote safe and effective fitness, giving you results you'll love! The exercise types typically include hill sprints, body weight exercises and resistance training.

These types of physical activities exercise the entire body and improve all aspects of fitness and well-being within a short period of time. Most of the exercises performed in Bootcamp require very little equipment, if any. Instead, most exercise types use your own body weight as resistance. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced fitness levels welcome, as well as options for members and non-members.

Event details:

  • Frequency: 3 days per week, during school term 1.
  • Days: Attend as many 45min sessions as you like!
    • Tuesdays 6am.
    • Thursdays 6.15am.
    • Saturdays 7.30am.
  • Duration: Term 1, 2018 (Mon 29 Jan 2018 - Sat 7 April 2018).
  • Location: Bottom of the hill below Club Dubbo, near the equipment/river.
  • Trainer: Matt (Ex-Army)

What does it cost?

  • Members prices:
    • Option 1: $10 per week (direct debit only)
    • Option 2: $110 upfront payment.
  • Non-Members:
    • Option 1: $15 per week (direct debit only)
    • Option 2: $165 upfront payment.

Fitness Focus Dubbo is an approved provider of Outdoor Fitness by Dubbo Regional Council.

Why join our bootcamps?

Increase performance with accountably
Having someone to answer to means you will work that little bit harder. If you had the same workout to do at home you would start off with a great work rate but as soon as you start to get tired you would slack off. At Bootcamp our trainers are there to motivate you and get the best out of you.

Make new friends
Within a few sessions you will have made friends very quickly. You have all been through a gruelling workout and this will make you bond. People that sweat together tend to make friends!

Enjoy the outdoors
This might be seen as a negative to some! I am not a massive fan of the cold, however I LOVE the outdoors and as long as I am dressed appropriately I can bare it more! Yesterday we trained and our cars were frozen, the ground was icy and the grass was frosted…BRRRRRRR! We got on with it and when we were done we felt great and looked forward to the rest of the day. My ladies find it hard to drag themselves out of their warm houses to come to FIT camp on the dark evenings, however they now say they sleep SO much better and we put that down to enjoying the great outdoors.

Increase fitness
If you attend Bootcamp at least twice a week we guarantee you will get fitter! At a bootcamp it is our job to challenge and make sure that we are progressively making the exercises harder or more complex. So those exercises you thought you would NEVER be able to do soon become possible!

Reduce your stress
We all have different types of stress and bootcamp is an AMAZING stress relief. Once you get going the stresses of your day just leave you and you end up going home a different person!

Increase happiness
You have more friends, you’re fitter, you’re having fun, you’re less stressed and you’re healthier which means you will have lost weight. So what does that mean? You’ll be a whole lot happier! Happier in yourself, means more body confidence, you will have more patience for your kids and partner as you’re less stressed.

Great value prices
You are getting a great workout for such a small cost! Bootcamp allows you to share the cost and experience personal training at a fraction of the normal price.

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