Group Fitness Training (GFT)

We offer over 35 classes a week to choose from including Les Mills, Kidz Fit, Aqua Arobics, Boxing and many more. All Group Fitness Classes are included in our membership costs with a wide range of options for all fitness levels. 

One of the most popular reasons for taking one of our group Fitness Class is the simplest: They’re just plain fun. With music playing and everyone else working with you, sharing in the struggle and the success, it can feel more like a party than a workout. Not only is a group fitness class a surefire way to boost your fitness levels and switch on muscles you didn’t know you had, it is also a serious motivator to exercise.

Why join our Group Fitness Training (GFT)?

  • Like-minded people: A good way to find motivation is to surround yourself with like-minded people. People who encourage you to be the best version of yourself – and group fitness classes offer you just that. When everyone in a group fitness class is there for the same reasons as you – to get fitter and healthier – it creates a supportive and positive environment, as well as a sense of belonging and a desire to be there. It’s likely you’ll become friends with the people you see on a regular basis at group fitness classes, with camaraderie adding to your motivation levels too. “We are socially motivated when we are in a setting that fosters camaraderie,” explains Dr Amanda Adams, nutritionist and personal trainer.

  • Improved personal performance: A number of studies have shown exercise is greatly enhanced when you’re training with a buddy or in a group setting – making group fitness the perfect way to take your training to the next level. There is a theory called The Köhler effect that occurs when individuals work better when placed in a team environment than they would on their own – for example, one study found that 95% of those who started a weight loss program with friends completed the program, compared to a 76% completion rate for those who tackled the program alone. Sometimes just the positive energy of group can be enough to motivate you to exercise harder.

  • Accountability: When you set up a work meeting with a colleague or a catch up coffee with a friend, you become accountable to that meeting and it would be very rare for you to not show up – because you would be letting someone down. Similarly, going to a group fitness class run by an instructor that you like and attended by familiar faces (who may have become your friends) each week can instil a sense of accountability in you. It’s this accountability that will motivate you to show up each week and put 100% effort into your workout.

  • Variety: If the idea of doing the same exercise routine each week puts you off exercise altogether, group fitness classes could be the answer to your training needs! With an abundance of different classes on offer – from RPM to boxing to yoga – you have the opportunity to try something new and challenging each week with group fitness classes. Mixing it up and trying new classes ensures you don’t get bored and maintains your motivation levels to exercise have the potential to soar.

  • Results: Group Fitness Classes are planned and designed for participants to get results – whether it’s the way two exercises are paired together for maximum lean muscle gain or the choreographed build up of moves for a cardio blast, there is a method behind the structure of Small Group Training.

  • Motivation: Catchy music, fast-paced moves and an Instructor with a seemingly endless amount of energy – if you’re ever in need of a pick-me-up, group training classes are your best source of motivation. Having other people exercising alongside you can also give you the boost you need to keep moving – nobody likes falling behind, right?

  • Structure: When you’re working out, having a consistent or well-structured plan in place is a must to see results. Combining group training sessions into your weekly workout routine will give you a structured foundation from which to build strength, lose weight or tone your body.

  • Fun: Exposure to a fun and social environment is why many people prefer group training to a lone gym session. The variety of exercises you undertake and the camaraderie between your fellow exercise participants makes group training

  • Support: Both your trainer and your fellow participants are there to support and assist you throughout your entire sweat session. This support group can be just what you need to power through your workout, push yourself a little bit further and reach your health and fitness goals.

Pole Fitness

In this class you will use the pole to build strength, flexibility and stamina. Finish the class with a fun routine. This class is open to all abilities, and is open to casual attendance. Learn more about Pole Fitness here.

Basic Group Fitness Class Descriptions

BODY ATTACK by Les Mills

Duration: 1 hour

Is an optional both high & low intensity workout with simple athletic moves & body strength work. Designed to bring out the athlete in you. It is simple, it’s energising, it’s challenging, it’s great for the heart & most of all it’s the fastest way in the universe to get activated!

BODY PUMP by Les Mills

Duration: 1 hour

It works all the major muscle groups of your body, using adjustable weight loaded barbells to fantastic music. Body Pump builds lean muscle mass in turn raising your metabolic rate encouraging rapid fat burning and ensuring awesome muscle tone.

SPRINT by Les Mills

Duration: 30 min

A high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, using an indoor bike to achieve fast results.

RPM by Les Mills

Duration: 45 min

Raw power in motion! An awesome studio bike workout that involves speed climbs and endurance, a great class for all levels.


GRIT SERIES by Les Mills

Duration: 30 min

This 30 minute high intensity interval training workout that takes you into overdrive to go hard, push harder and get you fitter, super fast.


Duration: 1 hour

Traditional yoga to help you increase your flexibility, core strength and bring your body into a state of zen.

BODY STEP by Les Mills

Duration: 45 min

The Hi/Lo energetic step program that pushes your cardiovascular system and strengthens the whole body. All fitness levels welcome.

BODY COMBAT by Les Mills

Duration: 1 hour

The fiercely energetic mixed martial arts workout where you are totally unleashed and empowered. Hi/Lo options available and for all fitness levels.


Yoga Fit

Duration: 1 hour

An invigorating freestyle yoga class designed to increase your core strength, lengthen your muscles and relax your mind.

Total Sculpt 360

Duration: 30 min

An awesome toning class to sculpt your body from head to toe. Designed with a strong emphasis on troublesome areas, as well as improving overall fitness to have you looking great.

Aqua Aerobics

Duration: 45 min

Exercise in the water. An ideal way of exercising to protect limbs & joints, using the water for support, resistance & privacy. Do not underestimate the powerful benefits of H2o.

Kidz Fit

Duration: 45 min

Keeping kids moving with a wide variety of games and fitness activities. Kids love to do what mum and dad do, so bring them alone when you train to be a great role model for them.


Aqua Zumba

Duration: 45 min

A perfect class for those looking to make a splash by adding low impact, high energy aquatic exercise to their fitness routine. The water creates natural resistance, which means every step is more challenging and helps you tone your muscles. 


PLATINUM Group Fitness Class Descriptions

PLATINUM box-out

Duration: 45 min

Our box-out class lets you work on a number of boxing techniques. Helping you boost your endurance & strength combined with functional movements.


Duration: 30 min

A 45 minute class using heavy compound and Olympic movements, emphasising technique and intensity. Incorporating our new outdoor training playground to push your limits.


Duration: 30 min

Indoor Group Training sessions are a fun, high impact, functional training workout for amazing results. Beginner options always available.